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        Geberit China

        Industrial applications and shipbuilding with Geberit

        A wide range of systems for challenging tasks

        Aggressive media, low temperatures and high pressure levels are just some of the challenges that confront sanitary engineers who are dealing with pipelines for industry. Not only that, but in most cases they are also required to adhere to special safety precautions and strict approval procedures, as well as cope with time pressure and possess excellent know-how.

        Piping systems for many media and applications

        • Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel in a brewery

        Geberit offers a comprehensive range for industrial customers:

        • Reliable piping systems for supply and disposal
        • Decades of experience and expert advice for industrial applications
        • Fast and safe connection technology
        • All the relevant approvals
        • BIM data for Autodesk? Revit?

        Selected media

        • Geberit pipelines for industrial gases
        • Operating, cooling and treated waters
        • Extinguishing water
        • Salt water
        • Technical liquids
        • Fuels and oils
        • Saturated steam
        • Compressed air
        • Inert and industrial gases

        Typical application ranges

        • Geberit Pipes for Industrial drainage
        • Engineering
        • Plant engineering
        • Automotive industry
        • Chemical industry
        • Pharmaceutical industry
        • Foodstuffs industry
        • Shipbuilding

        Geberit product highlights for industrial applications and shipbuilding

        • The drainage system Geberit PE is welded in a positively bonded manner and is resistant to a large number of chemicals.
        • The supply systems Geberit Mepla and Geberit Mapress are rapidly and permanently pressed.
        • Geberit MapressCuNiFe is highly corrosion-resistant and suitable for pipelines carrying salt water.
        • In the case of Geberit Mapress, there is a large number of seal rings available for a variety of applications.